Our Mission...

is to provide resources to children, adolescents and adults who are impacted by sex trafficking.

Our Vision is to eradicate sex trafficking

We aim to bring fresh AIR (awareness, impact, and restoration)

Tabitha’s House, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization that provides services to victims of sex trafficking.

The mission of Tabitha’s House, Inc. is to provide resources via residential accommodations, mental health counseling and intervention. This program was designed to assist individuals with daily life skills by providing programs that enhance quality of life. The program attempts to terminate repetitive, negative thought patterns and behaviors, generate an awareness of more positive options and maintain a new and improved way of life.

We aim to bring fresh AIR (awareness, impact, and restoration) to communities through rescue, rehabilitation and restoration of individuals, families and communities. Tabitha’s House aims to break the vicious cycle through awareness, prevention, identification, intervention and education.

The planning for Tabitha’s House residential facility is under way. The home will be located in the Atlanta metro area. The main homes for young girls (ages 11 – 17) coming out of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) are few and many victims are retained in juvenile detention centers or foster homes due to this shortage. Similarly, transitional living facilities are limited and additional residential facilities are needed for women (ages 18 – 30).

Fresh AIR (Awareness, Impact and Restoration)

It is important to equip others about the dangers of human trafficking. Gaining awareness through training, advocacy, and community forums prepares parents, schools, neighbors, business owners, trained professionals, law enforcement, and policy makers to recognize signs and symptoms associated with exploitation. By increasing awareness, children, adolescents, and adults are equipped to recognize the warning signs associated with human trafficking. When communities and policy makers are informed, people are educated and join the fight to combat modern-day slavery.  This is the first step to prevention. Learn more here!


Sex trafficking affects about 300 girls under the age of 18 every month in the state of Georgia.Statistics can not accurately reflect the number of boys, adult women, and those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or queer (LGBTQ) who are impacted by sex trafficking. The numbers are often estimated or underreported due to the illegal nature of this crime. Likewise, areas affected by trafficking can often be high crime and high poverty. Gangs may also be present. Alleviating this issue can impact the entire community. As we help drive out crime in these areas, there is a possibility for economic renewal and harmony within the community. But, more importantly, for those vulnerable of being trafficked and sold into this industry, it restores them to productive members of society.


Tabitha’s House aims to provide aftercare services that equip and support those impacted by sex trafficking. We attempt to restore lives, homes, and communities.


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Sex Trafficking Is A Crime!

Human trafficking (or modern day slavery) is an issue impacting the entire world.

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